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Jacob is a wealth of knowledge and sincerely cares about helping others.

I'm back in the business after 25 years in another career and his coaching, training and enthusiasm are helping me lay a foundation to be a success in this business. I truly appreciate his guidance and would highly recommend being a part of his team.

Jerry Mladenik

Jacob Lawlor is a great office manager, an effective motivator, and a selfless teacher.

He is a definite asset to our office. Jacob listens to our requests and responds quickly with answers and solutions. He provides lots of informative educational classes on a variety of subjects that are great for all of us. He is a KEEPER!

Janet Thompson

Jacob, Just a quick note to let you know how much you have helped me grow my business.

You are always there to answer questions and give me encouragement and motivation. Your tech know how is second to none. It really helps to know I can count on you anytime of any day...or night. Thanks again, just thought I would take a moment to express my gratitude. Terrie Whittaker

Terrie Whittaker

Jacob Lawlor is not only a great branch manager, he is also a great guy and friend and a great coach!

He shares his life experience openly and willingly with everyone and he really enjoys doing so! He is a huge asset at Firstteam and he sure is appreciated by everyone here! Keep it up Jacob! You’re awesome!

Hamid Honardoust

Jacob Lawlor, has been an outstanding educator and a charismatic trainer for the First Team Real Estate!

He always impresses, brings energy and wisdom to his training classes! He is well informed, well articulated and has a natural talent to mentor and lead new agents to success! I wish him a distinguished career in Real Estate, enjoy his family and to see him soon a manager in his new office!!

Nik Dourbeta

Jacob is a rock star.

His energy and enthusiasm is infectious. He is supportive and always quick to respond to an email request or to pick up the phone. I know I can count on Jacob and I appreciate the time and wisdom that he generously gives to all of his agents.

Nona Grayson

Try and keep up!

! Jacob is a pace setter dialed in for success sooner than later. Always motivated, lots of energy and generous with his Real Estate knowledge & experience. I can depend on Jacob as a great mentor, coach and business developer as he guides me through the Science and Art of Real Estate.

Raymond McTague

Jacob is a fantastic Manager at First Team!

He's always there for us when we have questions or need support, whether it's over the phone, text or email. He's up late prepping presentations for us, he's in early to support us...everything Jacob does is for us and our success as First Team Agents!

Robert Torrico

Jacob is a great asset to our First Team office!

He is always available as a sounding board & offers excellent advice. Jacob & Fred work together as an outstanding team providing first class trainings. He is our "go to" person for anything regarding technology. We appreciate his consistent willingness to offer assistance. He is always upbeat & has a great attitude. Jacob demonstrates an amazing work ethic & is a pleasure to work with.

Sheri Whitney

Jacob Lawlor has been an incredible asset to my business as an agent & on a personal level.

He is knowledgable , very versed & mostly always available to answer inquiries with a smile . Feel extremely lucky to work with him

Cynthia Dornsife

Jocob Lawlor has helped us a lot with his professional real estate skills and leadership , I am so lucky to be part of Mission Viejo office .

Thanks ! Jocob, You are the Best !

Nina Li Korman

Jacob's mentoring and guidance helped me to open escrow as a buyer's agent just 6 weeks after obtaining my license!

He was there every single step and obstacle along the way and answered every question I had. His genuine care and attention toward the agents in our office is the reason why new agents in particular are so successful. I may be new, but I know I'm already ahead of the competition and I have yet to be asked "how long have you been doing this". What he teaches WORKS and I am thrilled with the results I have already gotten just weeks in to the business. He doesn't claim that this business is easy by any means and tells us that it takes hard work and consistency; but if you apply what he teaches, you get transactions! Anyone who is lucky enough to have him as a mentor or coach has a huge advantage. First Team agents are extremely fortunate to have him and the company is so successful due to managers like him. Thank you Jacob!!!


Jacob Lawlor makes you excited to come to the office!

His genuine approach to making the agents in the office the best they can be is second to none. Whether it's the constant training classes he holds to ensure everyone is up to date with all the tools we have or just him cruising the office to make sure everything is good, he's there to make a difference. I'm excited to go to his training classes because I know I'll walk away with something fresh and that outside the box type thinking that gives us an edge. I look forward to learning more from Jacob and growing my Real Estate business everyday!

Steve Miller

Hi Jacob, Every time I get your email greetings and educational information, I can feel you are working so hard with sincerity and integrity.

I believe you are an excellent teacher and certainly raised our office 'morale" in spite of Pandemic environment. Respectfully, MOL

Mayumi O Lee

I joined First Team not because they are the #1 in Southern CA, but also for the chance to work with a rising star like Jacob.

I am extremely grateful to Jacob for helping me to see my true potential and for how cool he is when I have questions as a new agent. Thank you Jacob Lawlor for your dedication to helping me to achieve my dream.

Joseph Paul Zapata

Jacob is an outstanding asset to our First Team office!

He is an excellent sounding board & always provides sound advise. He is a great resource for anything regarding technology and is consistently willing to go out of his way to assist.

Sheri Whitney

Not only as an Office Manager, but as a Real Estate coach, Jacob has incredible knowledge of the Real Estate industry and what it takes to be successful.

Being someone without a background in Real Estate and without a large number of contacts in the area, Jacob has helped me gain an understanding of where to find potential clients and how to build relationships in the industry through his trainings, one on one meetings and phone calls (seriously, he’s ALWAYS there if you need help with your business). He has maintained a welcoming environment in our New Agent Mastermind Meetings where we can share ideas, learn from each other and hear specific examples from his personal experiences in this business. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience working with and learning from Jacob. I would highly recommend our team to anyone interested in joining!

Matt Dolan

Jacob is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

His knowledge of the business, genuine care for others, and undying enthusiasm for what he does, makes him the total package Real Estate professional!

Patti Horn

I have been excellent experience since I start working with Jacob Lawlor ,he is professional, patient when he works with new agent .

He is learned manager and he always has solution for his agents, is no matter you are new or experienced agent always you can count on him as best friend and advisor. He is commitment to his agent success and care about that. Thanks Jacob


Jacob is a breath of fresh air.

As a fairly new agent with a dozen sales under my belt I’ve needed a lot of support, guidance and patience. First Team hit a home run when they decided to put this high energy man in the management roll. Thank you to First Team, most of all thank you Jacob and thank you to your wife for accepting the long hours and dedication this job requires. Forever grateful, Jennine Daniels

Jennine Daniels

With Jacob's coaching with only 6 months in the business (finished training on November 20, 2015), I have closed two transactions, have 4 escrows open right now, have an active listing and two other listings hitting the market in the next couple of months.

My early success is a direct result of the mentor ship and coaching I've been receiving from Jacob since day 1. His extensive knowledge of the business, combined with his unique closing techniques, marketing strategies and practical application arm his agents to achieve success in today's extremely competitive market. He genuinely cares about every agent he coaches and shares in the excitement of their success. Agents who apply what he teaches will achieve success. I'm extremely grateful for his guidance and would not be the agent I am today without it. This year I'm able to buy a new car, have a wedding, and purchase a house with my fiancé and it's possible due to my success with Jacob's coaching. I'm forever grateful.

Lindsey Drumheller

Always available to help, often with no appointment set on my part, Jacob displays a "CAN DO" attitude and endless optimism.

A problem solver, he takes every chance to transform an obstacle into an opportunity. Tech savvy, forward thinking, system oriented, dynamic - Jacob helps me to systematize my business ensuring a consistent experience for my clients. With team players like this First Team Real Estate will continue to deliver superior results.

Tom White

Great job!


Jacob always steps up to help with any questions that I may have.

His experience is greatly appreciated!!

Laurie Shinozaki

Jacob is my "go-to" guy :> In our work together he shares his knowledge and skill and his focus is always for getting the best results.

He has an inspirational spirit to he gives to others as a gift, just as a part of his nature, and I have always appreciated this in him. He is the "real deal".

Rob Dorton

Hi, I would like to thank Jacob for the awesome training he had for his team .

Since I am a new agent any training and information will definitely help me to be on the right track and Jacobs knowledge and coaching is giving me that tool to help my business, and him sharing of his success and tools has given me more confidence of what I am doing. Thank you, Jacob Lawlor, for all you are doing for me Sudi Chinichian

sudi chinichian

As I begin my career in real estate, it has been my distinct privilege to be under the wing and direction of Jacob Lawlor and in turn, First Team Real Estate.

Leveraging your assets is sometimes all you have to set yourself apart from the fray. Enthusiasm can be quickly dashed when coupled with inexperience. Jacob has proven a key asset: An invaluable, inexhaustible, resource, motivator, and coach. His ability to crystallize the essential points of real estate sales and provide hands on immediate solutions and advice is truly outstanding. You could say I’m appreciative and happy with my boss.

John Webster

Jacob's knowledge is only surpassed by his passion for Real Estate and helping others.

Lucky to work with him!

Gabriel Vargas

I have known Jacob for a few years.

He has helped me grow my business. Jacob has an amazing personality, easy to talk to and responsive. He helps me to take initiatives in my business endeavors. He can put challenges in perspective and make it simple. Jacob is very knowledgeable about contracts. He is definitely tech-savvy and creative about social marketing. I'm grateful that Jacob is here!


He makes himself easy to reach.

Always reply back with an answer or information in short time. He is genuinely interested in helping team members. It is always pleasure working with him.

Lydia Lee

Jacob brings such an exciting vibe to the office and sales meetings!

He’s wicked sharp and he’s super encouraging to agents whether seasoned, or new. He is definitely someone that is SO pumped to see people succeed!

Chrissie Meads

It's great working with Jacob.

He brings so much energy to the team. He is an awesome trainer, because he speaks from experience. He has been in our shoes and knows how to use the incredible tools that First Team makes available to all of its agents. He has been there, done that!

Sofia Delgado

Jacob Lawlor is superior in his class and management style.

He is attentive and communicative to everyone which makes for serious results in working with agents at a one on one basis or class and group environment. He is extremely knowledgeable with technology, contracts and the overall sales flow system. I believe too, that Jacob has a passion to help Real Estate Agents succeed!

Philip DeMatteo

Jacob Thank you for your different positive perspective In life.

Your energy always helps me along. Your guidance I respect and you make our office a fun, positive place to work.

Noreen Ambrose Lee

Professional, knowledgeable, and natural-leader are just a few words that describe Jacob.

He understands what it takes to be successful and is able to inspire others to see their potential. What makes him stand out is his ability to coach and provide proven tactics to realize their vision. As a manager, he handles tough situations will calm resolve and finds intelligent solutions. I have been fortunate to have worked with leaders from the most respected companies in the world and Jacob embodies the same characteristics that made those individuals successful. He is asset to First Team and the real estate community.

Chuck White

Deciding to change your career is an intimidating prospect after spending 18 years in the same industry.

The fear, the nerves, the self doubt all contribute to sleepless nights, days of wondering what to do next and sometimes wishing you never would have made the change. This is what I was facing when I decided to join First Team Real Estate to become a full time realtor. Jacob Lawlor has been an integral part of softening that very large blow of career change for me. Jacob's personality is electrifying. This can be intimidating for some people as well, but he doesn't intimidate. He makes you feel like you can be electrifying too. But the personality is not the most impressive....it's the fact that at just 28 years old, he speaks to people and teaches them with the ease, comfort and knowledge of a seasoned veteran of coaching, sales, self motivation and self worth. There has never been a questions or a topic that Jacob could not tackle for me or the groups I have been in that have been led by him. He always has a great answer, solution, suggestion for whatever the issue is. This man has limitless possibilities in his future career and could certainly "phone it in" when helping me and dozens of other agents, but he doesn't. He treats us like we are his first priority in life, available at all hours of the day any time of the year. I cannot imagine what it could have been like starting this new career without Jacob as my manager, coach, mentor and friend.

Ed Herro

He is the best educator, developer and supporter.

very energetic & knowledgeable. Thank you, Jacob!

Yong Kim

Jacob, you are an amazing coach, leader, teacher and a great adviser in all different aspects of the Real Estate world.

I am really appreciative of all your help and the knowledge you have shared with me. Thank you very much. Afsy Levy

Afsy Levy

I am going into my third year working with Jacob and I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience.

Jacob's support and Fred's leadership is the number one reason I'm with First Team and plan to stay with this company. I feel Jacob has shown a genuine interest in my professional development as a Realtor. When I have questions, even questions about things I should already know, his responds is always immediate, concise and most of all helpful. Jacob's attitude and demeanor is always upbeat and positive, which is refreshing especially when you are starting out in a business like real estate where we hit so many highs and lows in our first years. As a coach and trainer Jacob is an effective communicator, his command of language along with his in-depth knowledge of subject matter have his made training sessions an indispensable element in my professional development. It is my opinion that Jacob has the industry knowledge, professional and moral ethics coupled with a Trojan like work ethic to become highly successful in whatever he chooses to do moving forward.

Mark Moss

Jacob Lawlor is an outstanding leader with a vast knowledge of Real Estate and has a great desire for everyone who he comes in contact with to be successful and live their best life!

Jacob's positive attitude and energy that he displays on a daily basis is infectious! As my office manager, Jacob has been both inspiring and supportive of my real estate business growth. I love brain storming marketing/branding ideas with Jacob to continue to grow my real estate business as he takes my rough/basic ideas and transforms them to awesome! I truly value Jacob's input and his style of communication. Jacob is a 5 star real estate leader on the daily!

Valerie Bourg

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